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As a manager, it can be hard to decide when you should get involved with an employee's personal life and when you should let things be.
Story by Brooklyn Faulkner on August 14, 2018
We often store every data on the hard drives or SSD drives; these data can be either work related important files and data or plain memories or moments in the form of pictures, music, etc.
Story by steve smith on August 14, 2018
Part of running a successful business has to do with increasing your sales productivity. Here are some simple tips that will help you accomplish this.
Story by Madelyn Wilson on August 10, 2018
Creating a diverse workforce, providing time and space for creative thinking, and being a personable manager are effective ways to earn trust.
Story by Brooklyn Faulkner on July 26, 2018
Imange if the Internal Combustion vehicle's under utilised energy (eg electricity/ thermal) valued per year at more than $4000,then imange( multipling that number  with the diesel emission scanda
Hack by patrick chanda on July 20, 2018
Once upon a time there was a successful knight. He lived in a beautiful and prosperous kingdom whose old king was wise and just, as had been his predecessors for many generations.
Story by Bernhard Sterchi on July 15, 2018
Tax GO All-in-One Retail SolutionThe checkout of every retail shop, is occuiped by a shop assistant or associate standing behind the POS, scanning and receiving payments at the checkout or t
Hack by Emeka Ikwukeme,CPA on July 9, 2018
When a customer interacts with your brand you’ll want to have enough information available to provide them with a great experience.
Story by Peter Davidson on July 3, 2018
Speaking at Fortune’s CEO Initiative, Tim Cook mentioned that he always challenges new initiatives by asking: “Is this something that Apple has a special expertise on ?” “Do we have a right to talk ab
Opening remarks Lord Kelvin submitted: “If you do not measure you do not really know”.
BACKGROUND It was The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran who coined the term “micropower” to refer to sources of electricity that are relatively small, modular, mass-producible, quick-to-dep
Hack by patrick chanda on June 24, 2018
Healthcare leaders have a lot on their plate, but with simple steps like putting a physician in charge of hospital management, and prioritizing focus on patient care from top to bottom hospita
Story by Brooklyn Faulkner on June 21, 2018
One of the key components to keeping a happy workforce is cultivating a workspace that is both functional and friendly.
Story by Brooklyn Faulkner on June 5, 2018